Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force - Biography

The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force (IGADF) is appointed by the Australian Government to oversee the quality and fairness of Australia’s military justice system.

It is our job to promote trust and justice in the ADF and to ensure all defence personnel have access to a fair and impartial military justice system.

The Inspector-General’s Office, which includes a team of legal, para-legal and support professionals, is an independent statutory body. The Inspector-General reports to the Minister for Defence and is independent of the Australian Defence Force’s chain-of-command.

Jim Gaynor

The current Inspector-General is Mr James Gaynor, commencing work in the role on 1 December 2016.  A legal practitioner with more than 25 years’ experience, Mr Gaynor has held prominent justice roles including Deputy Director of Military Prosecutions and Director of the Military Justice Performance Review.

A former Army officer, Mr Gaynor has served in East Timor and in Iraq, where he was awarded the United States Bronze Star Medal. He has Masters Degrees in both Law and Public Administration.