The IGADF is here to help when other avenues for dealing with military justice issues are not working.  We are here for you and the best way to ask for our help is to make a submission.

Who do we help?
All Defence members and their families -- parents, partners and spouses -- are entitled to contact the IGADF if they are concerned about a military justice issue and feel they cannot report it through normal channels. If you believe you are subject to reprisals for making a complaint you should report the matter to us.

What matters do we review?
We look into matters such as:

  • abuse of authority or process
  • denial of procedural fairness
  • avoidance of due process and specified procedures
  • cover up and failure to act on information
  • victimisation, harassment, threats, intimidation, bullying and bastardisation
  • unlawful punishment
  • improvements to our military justice system.

What about privacy?
Submissions to the IGADF can be strictly anonymous but please note it may not be possible for us to effectively investigate your concern if we cannot confirm your identity or the details of your complaint. Unless legally required, we will never disclose your details without your consent so please talk to us if you have concerns.

How much does it cost?
Our services are free. There is no charge if you make a submission to the IGADF or for any action we may take on your behalf.

What should you include in your submission?

  • a concise summary of your concern and the outcome(s) that you are seeking.
  • as much of the following information as possible:
    • your name, rank, service/PMKeyS number and unit
    • description of specific incident/s
    • as much detail as possible:
      • date, time and places
      • ranks and names of people involved
      • ranks and names of witnesses
    • your contact details (telephone, email or postal)
    • supporting material and copies of any available documentation
    • whether you have already complained to another authority and the outcome.

Next steps
Once we receive your submission, we will decide whether to:

  • review and inquire into the matter
  • refer the matter to another authority (in consultation with you) and monitor the outcome
  • take no further action.

If the IGADF does make inquiries on your behalf, you will receive regular updates and be advised of the findings and any related outcomes.

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