Australia’s military justice system can be complex and it is important that have an independent “umpire” to help support Australian Defence Force members and their families when they have a concern or a complaint.

Australia relies on having a military justice system that is fair, open and accessible for everyone, no matter what role they play in our Defence hierarchy.

It is our job to ensure the system achieves the right balance -- helping supervisors, managers and commanders to maintain discipline and order in our armed forces, without compromising an individual’s rights to respect, fair treatment and a fair hearing.

The IGADF is independent of the ADF chain-of-command and reports straight to Government. As trusted, independent advisors, it is our responsibility to:

  • investigate or inquire into justice matters including the professional conduct of Service Police
  • conduct performance reviews of the military justice system, including audits of Defence Force units, ships and establishments
  • advise on matters concerning the military justice system and make recommendations for improvement
  • promote military justice values across the ADF
  • independently consider complaints by ADF members
  • conduct inquiries or investigate the death of ADF members, where the tragedy appears to have arisen out of, or in the course of, the member’s Defence service.

The IGADF has no authority to overturn or alter military decisions but, if your concerns are found to be justified, we can recommend that an appropriate authority takes action to remedy the issue.

If you have an issue, question or concern and need our help, please lodge a submission or contact us.

IGADF Brochure [1.62 MB]