Annual Reports

Under the Defence Act 1903, Section 110R, the Inspector–General of the Australian Defence Force prepares an annual report to the Minister and Parliament detailing the operations of the office during each financial year.

2022/23 IGADF Annual Report

The annual report for the Financial Year 2022-2023 was presented to Parliament on 20 March 2024.

The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force Afghanistan Inquiry

The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force (IGADF) Afghanistan Inquiry was commissioned by Defence in 2016 after rumours and allegations emerged relating to possible breaches of the Law of Armed Conflict by members of the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan over the period 2005 to 2016.

The Inquiry was conducted at arm’s length from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) chain-of-command and Government to ensure the independence and integrity of the process.

On 6 November 2020, the Chief of the Defence Force received the Afghanistan Inquiry report from the IGADF, and he announced the findings on 19 November 2020. A copy of the Afghanistan Inquiry Report (Public Release Version) is available.

Defence encourages anyone who may be affected by the Afghanistan Inquiry to seek help early so that assistance can be provided.

Support services are available to those affected by the Afghanistan Inquiry whether they are current or former serving ADF personnel or their families.

 Afghanistan Inquiry Public Release Version (PDF - 11.81MB)

IGADF Own-Initiative Inquiry report

IGADF initiated an inquiry into the implementation of military justice arrangements for dealing with sexual misconduct in the ADF in July 2021. Professor Pru Goward was appointed to conduct the inquiry.

The IGADF report was issued in December 2021, with 22 findings and 13 recommendations.

The insights, analysis and recommendations provided in the report are an important contribution to understanding the complex issues of sexual misconduct and refining Defence’s response initiatives.

Defence is reviewing the report and recommendations.

 IGADF Own-Initiative Inquiry: Implementation of Military Justice Arrangements for Dealing with Sexual Misconduct in the ADF (PDF 2.69 MB)
 Terms of Reference (PDF 258 KB)

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